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Relaunching of the New Rafa Masseur Team (01 April 2019)

After establishing the RAFA Massage team last year, finally the RAFA Massage relaunches itself as the New Rafa Masseur Team. We are reorganizing the masseur personnels, and we work closely with other bodies of Christ to market the RAFA team as one of the ways to bless the blind masseurs. The new RAFA team will no longer waiting passively for incoming patients, instead they are prepared to go out and serve patients outside.

It has been one of the aims of C4C to assist the blind friends to be self dependence financially, with the ability to earn a steady income. The blind masseurs nowadays are facing stiff competitions from the modern model of massage businesses. We have to seek new market niche that can still uphold the value of the massage business done by the adequately trained blinds. With this new form of enterprise we hope to establish long term relationships with corporations that welcome blind masseurs to operate within their businesses.


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