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First HIC Graduation of Disabled Students (August 2020)

After almost two years of intensive learning, by the grace of God, in August 2020 students at Center for Christ finally graduate to receive their certificate in HIC (Harvest International Curriculum) program. It has been a great journey for the students, because the challenges are real and great. The program starts with 36 students, and through the gruelling process, 19 students finally make it through the end. Those who do not finish, however, are still given the opportunity to complete their study in the subsequent program.

This is a wakening milestone for the family of Center for Christ. All of our faith is put into action in all the hardwork overcoming obstacles faced by the disabled students during learning. All the workers and students are amazed by this mighty power of our Lord Jesus Christ working in our midst, ensuring the success of this program. Everyone does not only receive knowledge and understanding, but everyone experiences real breakthrough in all areas of their lives in the process.

We believe that God does not want us to stop here. All of the students must also put their faith into action. Center for Christ will follow through by continuing the second generation of HIC program where the first graduates will participate in teaching the subsequent students of the second generation. All the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ alone.

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