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Christmas (30 Nov 2019)

The Center for Christ family celebrates Christmas early again this year. We gather again in Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat for another great Christmas service celebration. Lead by the Center for Christ Praise and Worship team, the whole family praises and exalts the name of Jesus, being thankful for everything He has brought to each one of us.

This year's Christmas message is about "How to set an example of being a servant." This message is important to the family of Center for Christ as some of the students will eventually rise and start serving the Lord as His servants. According to the Gospel, a servant has to maintain at least three values: being the smallest, being the last, and the willingness to serve all.

What joy to gather together in one place as a family, especially when we celebrate our Lord Jesus who is present in our midst. The Holy Spirit moves freely throughout the service, touching everyone present. We know that the future is always great, for our saviour has come to this earth.

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