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Christmas 2018 (01 December 2018)

Christmas for the C4C family this year comes early, on 1 December 2018. As usual, all the preparations go into effect weeks before, where all of the C4C Christmas Committee work out all the details so that this year's Christmas will be most unique. Prior to the Christmas service, we begin the event with our first braille-reading competitions, where the contestants are given a few bible passages in braille to read.

Afterwards all the blind friends and workers gather, praising and worshipping the Lord, entering the Christmas service together. This year's Christmas theme is "Do You Believe?" We are all challenged by Jesus when He says to the boy's father: "nothing is impossible for those who believe." As Christians we often need to search our faith to ensure we truly believe that Jesus as our lone and only savior. Only by this complete faith will we be able to accomplish the impossible, for indeed nothing is impossible for Jesus Christ. 

The whole Christmas service is alive and the Holy Spirit moves freely to touch all the friends present. We believe that healing will continue to sweep the blind friends as we all take many steps closer to the Lord.


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